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International Name
- Natco
- Temozolomide-100
- 5
- 100mg
- Capsule

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Temozolomide is a chemotherapy tranquilize that is given as a treatment for a few sorts of tumor. It is most generally used to treat a kind of cerebrum tumor known as a glioma. It ought to preferably be read with our general data about chemotherapy and about your kind of tumor.

In the event that you have any further inquiries you can ask your specialist or attendant at the healing facility where you are having your treatment, or identify with one of our disease bolster administration attendants.

The cases ought to be gulped down with a lot of water and be taken in the meantime consistently on a void stomach. It is imperative to verify that you take the cases precisely as you have been coordinated by your specialist.

Conceivable symptoms

Every individual’s response to chemotherapy is distinctive. A few individuals have not very many reactions, while others may encounter more. The reactions depicted in this data won’t influence everybody who is given temozolomide, and may be distinctive in the event that you are having more than one chemotherapy drug.

We have delineated the most well-known symptoms and those that are less normal, so you can be mindful of them in the event that they happen. In any case, we have excluded those that are exceptionally uncommon and consequently to a great degree unrealistic to influence you. On the off chance that you see any impacts which you think may be because of the medication, however which are not recorded in this data, please talk about them with your specialist or chemotherapy attendant.

Brought resistance down to contamination Temozolomide can lessen the generation of white platelets by the bone marrow, making you more inclined to disease. This impact can start seven days after treatment has been given, and your imperviousness to contamination as a rule achieves its least point 10–14 days after chemotherapy. Your platelets will then increment consistently and will as a rule have come back to typical levels inside of 21–28 d

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