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- Amree Plus 100
- 1
- 100mg
- Powder

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Amree Plus is an effective formulation from nature’s flora for the management of diabetes mellitus. It is a comprehensive oral anti-hyperglycaemic based on different herbs. Karela which is known as anti-diabetic exerts Insulin mimic activity thereby improving peripheral glucose uptake. In addition to Karela, Gudmar & Vijaysaar have been scientifically proved for their regenerative/repair activity of B-islets of pancreas. Ingredients like Methi & Kunduru regulate metabolic pathways in glucose metabolism, by enhancing liver activity and delay the absorption of glucose from the intestines.

Bioflavonoids in Amree Plus tend to exert anti-oxidant property, protecting the vital organs including pancreas from free radical damage and delaying the process of ageing. Herbal concentrates also supplement necessary minerals especially useful for diabetic patients to regularize carbohydrate metabolism. The tannin derivatives from astringent herbs cleanse the kidneys and exert nephro-tonic actions. ShilaJeet Sudh exert potent neuro-tonic actions, whereas the bitter alkaloidal fractions from Neem, Kutaki & Guduchi act as Hepato protective, regulate lipid metabolism and check over the allergic sensitization & infections quite often encountered by diabetic patients.

Recommended dosage: Start Amree-plus in the dosage of half teaspoonful (3 gms) thrice a day before meals, initially along with recommended allopathic medicines if any. Periodically check the blood sugar levels and observing the additional hypoglycaemic response, gradually lower the dose of allopathic medicines. For best results take the granules mixed in a cup full of lukewarm water.

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