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Diabetes represents a key therapeutic area for SERVIER, who have cooperated long-term with the major international diabetes associations, helping to improve diabetes care for millions of patients worldwide.

One of the newest results of SERVIER’s ever-growing research activity is the new oral antidiabetic agent, DIAMICRON MR. DIAMICRON MR is an innovative once-daily sulfonylurea ensuring excellent efficacy whilst offering additional vascular protection for all type 2 diabetic patients.

The innovative matrix based formulation of DIAMICRON MR is designed to match the release of active ingredient with circadian hyperglycemic profile1,2,3 of type 2 diabetic patients, providing optimal 24-hour blood glucose control4,5,6 with excellent compliance7 and acceptability.8

Through a direct and highly selective action on the pancreatic β-cells,9,10 DIAMICRON MR implies optimal cardiovascular acceptability due to avoidance of interaction with cardiac and vascular K(ATP) channels, including hence protection of ischemic preconditioning.11 In addition, the high affinity for the pancreatic sulfonylurea receptor allows to restore the early peak of insulin secretion12 and the free reversibility of DIAMICRON MR’s pancreatic sulfonylurea receptor binding provides a very low hypoglycemic risk, weight neutrality, and unsurpassed long-term glycemic control.8,13,14

Furthermore, beyond effective glycemic control, DIAMICRON MR provides vascular protection.15 Indeed, DIAMICRON MR reduces a critical factor in the pathogenesis of diabetic angiopathy: oxidative stress.16 Then, as a consequence of its capacity to reduce oxidative stress, DIAMICRON MR protects β-cells from apoptosis17 and has beneficial effect on endothelial function.18,19

The excellent efficacy , acceptability and additional properties of DIAMICRON MR, 2 to 4 tablets in most patients, promise to improve vascular outcomes for type 2 diabetic patients, and have led to its choice as first line therapy in the ADVANCE study20: the biggest ever prospective morbidity / mortality study in type 2 diabetes.
DIAMICRON MR is also distributed as:
Diabeton MR, Diamicron 30mg, Diamicron LM 30mg, Diamicron MR 30 mg