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Contents     :     CLOTRIMAZOLE-1%
Packing      :     15 gms

SURFAZ® Cream/Ear Drops/Solution/Powder
Clotrimazole I.P. 1% w/w.
Cream base q.s.
SURFAZ® Ear Drops
Clotrimazole I.P. 1% w/v.
Lidocaine U.S.P. 2% w/v.
SURFAZ® Solution
Clotrimazole I.P. 1% w/v.
SURFAZ® Dusting Powder
Clotrimazole I.P. 1% w/w.

SURFAZ® contains Clotrimazole, which is a synthetic imidazole derivative. It is a broad spectrum antifungal agent and has fungicidal activity against all the fungi responsible for superficial mycotic skin infections. It also has activity against certain gram-positive bacteria such as Streptococci and Staphylococci.
In day-to-day practice, a medical practitioner comes across many cases of superficial fungal infections of the skin. Ringworm infections as well as dermal candidiasis are very common in hot and humid areas. Interdigital spaces, groin and perianal areas are common sites for ringworm infections, as well as, dermal candidiasis. Sometimes it is not possible to differentiate between them only on physical examination and adequate laboratory facilities may not be available. It is always wise to use an antifungal agent having activity against ringworm as well as Candida albicans. Hence SURFAZ® is the drug of choice in the treatment of fungal infections of the skin.

• Ring worm infections.
• Dermal candidiasis.
• Pityriasis versicolor.
• Erythrasma.
• Fungal infections of the external ear.

Hypersensitivity to Clotrimazole.

Mode of Application:
SURFAZ® Cream should be thinly and evenly applied to the affected area, two or three times daily and rubbed in gently. SURFAZ® Solution should be preferred in patients having lesions covering large and hairy areas. The treatment should be continued for atleast one month or atleast two weeks after disappearance of all signs of infections. If the feet are infected, they should be properly washed and dried particularly between the toes before applying SURFAZ®.
SURFAZ® Solution can be used in the treatment of oral candidiasis (Thrush). For Otomycosis (fungal infections of the external ear), SURFAZ® Ear Drops should be used. In patients prone to get repeated fungal skin infections, SURFAZ® Dusting powder should be applied to the areas prone to fungal skin infections, such as axilla, groin, interdigital areas and in other affected areas.

Precautions: SURFAZ® Ear Drops
1. In patients having perforated ear drums, application of SURFAZ® Ear Drops in the external ear should be avoided.
2. SURFAZ® range is not meant for ophthalmic use.

SURFAZ® Cream: Tube of 15 gm.
SURFAZ® Ear Drops: Plastic Bottle of 10 ml.
SURFAZ® Solution: Plastic Bottle of 15 ml.
SURFAZ® Dusting Powder: Plastic Container of 30 g.

Each Vaginal Tablet contains :
Clotrimazole I.P 100 mg.

SURFAZ® Vaginal Tablets contain Clotrimazole which is a broad spectrum antifungal agent having fungicidal action against all the species of Candida. In addition, it has cidal action against Trichomonas vaginalis and gram-positive bacteria.
Due to lack of laboratory facilities, many times it is not possible to isolate the causative organism responsible for vaginitis in a given case. Moreover, in many patients, vaginitis is of mixed etiology. Hence SURFAZ® Vaginal tablet is the drug of choice in the treatment of vaginitis.

Dosage Schedule:
One SURFAZ® Vaginal Tablet should be inserted high up in the vagina daily just before retiring, for 6 consecutive nights. The treatment may be extended upto 12 days, if required. The treatment should not be carried on during menstrual period. If the patient is also suffering from Candida vulvitis, the affected area should be treated with SURFAZ ® Cream/Solution. In order to prevent reinfection, the partner should be treated with local application of SURFAZ® Cream on the glans penis.

As far as possible, SURFAZ® Vaginal Tablets should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Strip of 6 tablets in a carton, provided with an applicator.

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