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Why Kamagra is the best ed pill?

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Why Kamagra is so affordable?

Now being an erectile dysfunction patient affording Viagra all the time is a little too heavy for the budget. This is when Kamagra comes into picture. Kamagra is usually bought because of its low prices compared to Viagra and Levitra. Now the thought that comes to our mind is why are the prices low for kamagra? Is it because it has bad quality? More side effects? Cheaper Ingredients? NO. Kamagra also contains Sildenafil Citrate just like other erectile dysfunction pills. The main difference is because of its brand timing and the cost of sales and marketing. Even though the manufacturing costs are almost same for Viagra and kamagra, Viagra was introduced in the market by the company ‘Pfizer’.

low cost kamagra pill image

As it was the first ED pill (a.k.a blue pill) it cost them a lot to make sales and market that product. Even more than the manufacturing cost and so its rates are so high. Kamagra is a pill which were made when the market was familia

r with erectile dysfunction pills and so it was easier for it to be known and get sold in the market. Kamagra UK supplier being the saf

est kamagra supplier from India is a recommended supplier to go to as they have the perfect quality Kamagra in affordable value.


If you are a consumer and don’t like to start your sexual performance by taking a pill then oral jelly is what you should use. We understand that some of us do not like to take pills more often and special before an intercourse so Kamagra oral jelly is what they have come up with. It also contains sildenafil citrate like any ED pill, but this is a chewable and amazingly energizing tablet. This product has attracted a lot of customers is doing very well in the market. So if you are looking for a business with this product then kamagra oral jelly supplier is whom you should be concerned with. They will help you make nice profits as they are well known for one of the best quality at sensible rates.

If you are a pharmacy owner, supplier, distributor or an importer then kamagra cargo bulk exporter is what you should have a look at. They are exporters from India as manufacturing is done in India itself it is a good quality product and very low priced. Their quality of this pill is so good and will be very beneficial for you to attract the market towards you and make high profits.

We hope now you understand the reason why prices are so different and expect you to get the best product as your needs.

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