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International Name
- Fasigyn-1gm
- pfizer
- 4
- 1g
- Tablet

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The use of FASIGYN (Tinidazole) include: Treat certain contaminations of the male and female genital frameworks, liver and entrail.

Tinidazole is demonstrated for the treatment of trichomoniasis brought on by Trichomonas vaginalis. The creature ought to be recognized by fitting demonstrative strategies. Since trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted ailment with conceivably genuine sequelae, accomplices of contaminated patients ought to be dealt with at the same time so as to avert re-contamination.

Tinidazole is shown for the treatment of giardiasis created by Giardia duodenalis (additionally termed G. lamblia) in both grown-ups and pediatric patients more seasoned than three years old.

Tinidazole is shown for the treatment of intestinal amebiasis and amebic liver canker brought about byEntamoeba histolytica in both grown-ups and pediatric patients more seasoned than three years old. It is not demonstrated in the treatment of asymptomatic sore section.

To decrease the advancement of medication safe microscopic organisms and keep up the adequacy of Tinidazole Tablets and other antibacterial medications, Tinidazole Tablets ought to be utilized just to treat or anticipate contaminations that are ended up being or unequivocally suspected to be brought on by helpless microbes. At the point when society and weakness data are accessible, they ought to be considered in selecting or altering antibacterial treatment. Without such information, neighborhood the study of disease transmission and defenselessness examples may add to the empiric choice of treatment.


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