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International Name :
Active Ingredient :
Manufacturer :
Zydus Heptiza
Form :
Packing :
28 tablets in each pack
Strength :
400 mg

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Sovihep Exporter provide all category medicine

Sovihep 400mg tablet works by bringing down a heap of hepatitis C infection in the body and expelling the infection from the blood over some stretch of time. Sovihep exporter with supplier and wholesaler distribute drugs globally.

Things keep in mind:

  1. This medication ought to be utilized just in blend with Ribavirin or with Pegylated interferon and Ribavirin.
  2. Treatment with sofosbuvir is not suggested in patients with extreme kidney or liver issues or wretchedness.
  3. Do counsel your Sovihep Wholesaler in the event that you are taking amiodarone (utilized for genuine unpredictable heartbeats). The danger of moderate pulse might be expanded when brought with Sofosbuvir.
  4. Take outrageous care to maintain a strategic distance from pregnancy in female patients or female accomplices of male patients who are on treatment with sofosbuvir.
  5. Play it safe as sofosbuvir does not keep the spread of disease to other individuals through sexual contact, sharing needles, or contact with blood.

Warning from Sovihep Exporter

  • Liquor

Cooperation with liquor is obscure. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist.

  • Pregnancy

Sovihep 400mg tablet is most likely safe to use amid pregnancy.

Creature contemplates have demonstrated low or no antagonistic impact on the hatchling, be that as it may, there are restricted human investigations. It would be ideal if you counsel your specialist.

  • Lactation

Obscure. Human and creature considers are not accessible. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist

  • Driving

Alert is exhorted when driving or working hardware.

  • Kidney

There is no connection between renal debilitation and expending this medication. So measurements modification is not required.

  • Liver

There is no information accessible. If you don’t mind counsel specialist before devouring the medication

Missed Dosage employments

In the event that you miss a dosage of Sofosbuvir, take it at the earliest opportunity. Be that as it may, in the event that it is nearly time for your next measurements, avoid the missed dosage and backpedal to your general calendar. Try not to twofold the measurements.

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