Private Label Manufacturing

To sell medical products which already have a CE mark certification, but with your own branding on the label, your organization must apply for its own certification. To assist you in bringing these products to market, we offer CE Mark certification for the own brand labelling of medical supplies.

This practice is accepted by the European regulatory authorities and is common within the medical products and in vitro diagnostics industry. It is well understood that the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Private Label manufacturer requires CE Mark for marketing in Europe. If OEM products are CE Marked, it is very easy for the private label manufacturing to acquire CE Certificate from reputed Notified Body.

We offer competitively priced private-label products to all major drug-store retail chains, grocery store banners as well as distributors. This key service covers not only product development and high quality manufacturing at the level you have come to expect from us, but creative packaging development and promotional/merchandising and pre-packed display support as well.

We specialize in a range of generic and branded drugs in the categories of pain management, cough and cold, stomach ailments, and allergies.

Advantages of a Private label Brand:

  • Control over pricing of medical product and service.
  • Putting forward ones’ own ideas in terms of marketing plans.
  • Creation of a highly personalized image, ultimately leading to securing customer loyalty.
  • We will supply you with all promotional advertising materials so that you will be fully armed to best communicate with your target audiences.
  • The ultimate in quality control with production, marketing, distribution and profits.
  • We may be able to service you with free samples, we have thousands of products to assist with your product portfolio and to mix and match, and your own private label is unlimited.
  • Lending your own valuable input, additional materials, logos, tag lines, etc. Remember – no one understands your business as you do.
  • Private labelling is an essential step in establishing, building and maintaining your valued customer base.


The PLM as the company whose name is appearing on the final packing has the complete responsibility for that medicine in compliance with regulatory. Thus the PLM must meet all relevant components of the MDD and CE Marking of the products. This kind of business and CE Marking, it is important that agreements between the OEM and the PLM cover not just the commercial terms, but also their respective regulatory responsibilities and transfer for updated MDD acceptance documents.