Tationil 600mg (glutation)

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International Name
- Teofarma
- Glutatione
- 4ml
- 600 Mg
- Injection

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Manufacturer: Teofarma
Contains: Glutatione
Packing: 10 Vials
Strength: 600 Mg
Form: Injection

Glutathione Facts:

Glutathione consists of the amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. it’s a potent inhibitor and works within the liver to safeguard the body from harmful substances. it’s conjointly a precursor to peroxidase, a key inhibitor catalyst, that protects against lipoid peroxidation (fats turning rancid). at the side of these health advantages, glutathione conjointly encompasses a noticeable lightening result, that is why it’s been wide used and suggested by dermatologists as a beauty product for the enhancements in complexion that result from its use.

Tationil Glutathione consists of 600 mg of pure glutathione, dissolved in four cc of water, and injected intravenously or intramuscularly for outside, direct absorption into the blood. The endovenous formulation is that the best and quickest approach of delivering the glutathione and produces the foremost noticeable effects within the shortest time.


Individuals with liver issues, at the side of pregnant and wet  girls, shouldn’t take these product and will get talk to a doctor before mistreatment them.

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