ACNESOL lotion ( Clarithromycin lotion)

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International Name
- ACNESOL lotion
- Haytham
- Clarithromycin lotion
- 25ml
- 1%
- lotion

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Description :

Contents     :     Clarithromycin lotion
Packing       :     45ml
Generic Name : Topical Clarithromycin

Why it is prescribed: It is a macrolide antimicrobial drug.It acts by binding to 50 S ribosomal subunit of bacteria and inhibit protein synthesis.

When it is to be taken: Apply once daily to washed and dried areas for maximum of 15 minutes initially and increase the exposure gradually

How it should be taken: It comes in the form of 15 gram gel and 30 ml lotion.

Special Instruction : Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

Side Effects : side effects include contact allergy and local irritation.
Other Precautions : use with caution in the case of breast feeding and pregnancy.may be used in the case of old age.
Storage Conditions : Store at room temperature .Keep away from childrens.

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