Generic Stendra(Avanafil 200mg)

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Avana 200
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Avanafil 200mg
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Avana 200mg (Avanafil or Generic Stendra), a medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s inability to achieve a penile erection, or to maintain one. Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence.

Avana is a medication that is taken, when needed, 30 minutes before starting sexual activity. Doctors are advised to prescribe the lowest dose at which benefit is provided for the patients.

The studies also indicate Avanafil clears the body more quickly than the other ED drugs in the same class, the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, according to data submitted to the FDA by Vivus Inc (who produces Stendra or Avanafil).

In a Phase II study, Avanafil worked as well as Viagra while producing less low blood pressure in cardiac patients who take nitroglycerin. In the two Phase III trials that compared Avanafil with a placebo, there were no reports of blue vision or prolonged, painful erections (priapism), which are infrequent side effects associated with Viagra. In rare cases, men taking any of the PDE5 drugshave reported sudden decreases in hearing or loss of hearing (Avanafil Side Effects / Generic Stendra Side Effects)

Stendra Generic – Avanafil

Stendra is faster than all ED – Stendra (Generic Avanafil) is the latest fast acting erectile dysfunction medication that is also known as Avanfil. Erectile dysfunction is whereby a man has difficulty in achieving or maintaining a penile erection. This condition persists in quite an estimable population of men. It works by blocking PDE 5 enzymes and incrementing your blood flow towards the penis hence making an erection possible. One takes this tablet orally.

Stendra Generic Vs. Stendra Brand – Generic medicines are typically seen as a less effective counterpart of an established and recognizable brand, rather than a more economical solution with just as many benefits present for the recipient of the medication. The stigma of not having a brand name and spending more in finances to afford the same medication because it has the more renowned name should never be a factor when it comes to the medical needs of those that purchase them. The fact of the matter is, generic drugs and medicines are just as effective as their expensive counterparts and should be seen as a reasonable, if not the first, choice when it comes down to it.

Stendra Dosage – Stendra prescription is in small dosage, which ensures it extends to the welfare of the patients. This dosage may be 100 mg but may vary between 200 mg and 50 mg depending on the doctor’s recommendations. One takes it 30 minutes before involving in any sexual activity either before a meal or after. Note that in some instances it works in about 15 Minutes. One also needs to take it only once in a day. It is advisable to store it at a room temperature.

Is Stendra (Generic Avanafil) The Best ED – 
As a new drug in the market, Stendra (Generic Avanafil) has quite some superiority on the other existing drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. It works faster and the blood stream expels it much faster thereby having minimal side effects. In addition, it is also more efficacious to attaining an erection. With the display of these qualities, it is therefore a much safer option too.

Stendra Generic (Avanafil) -> How come it is So Cheap?  The Food and Drug Administration has a set standard that all generic drugs must be just as effective as their brand name counterpart to ensure that they are safe and consumer friendly. The reason generic brands are often much less costly than their name brand counterparts is because the original had a large amount of capital invested into it in order to research and develop the product, along with the costs of promoting it to the public and market. They are given a patent so that the medicine is to be sold exclusive to the company and once it expires others can have the FDA approve the production of a generic copy to be sold.

We buy Stendra Generic (Avanafil) directly from the manufacturer in size-able volumes; this allows us to get better discounts on this medicine. The result is that you can buy Generic Stendra at the cheapest prices around.

Stendra Side Effects – The notable side effects tend to be headaches, flushes and nasal congestion that may include running or stuffy nose. If you experience these effects, it is advisable you consult your doctor. You should also note to inform the doctor of any medications you might be taking to ensure the drug works efficiently. You also need to avoid alcohol while on this medication as it brings about dizziness.

Generic versions of stendra – 
Generic versions of drugs like stendra may have a different look or taste than another name brand product, but only because of trademark laws. The active ingredients are not only guaranteed to function as promised, but are overall the very same as the ones found inside the name brand product you would normally buy at a pharmacy, store, online, or another affordable shop and work just as fast with the same effects, but at a lower cost to the consumer.


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