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Sildenafil Citrate
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4 Pill pack
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100 Mg

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Suhagra 100mg pills area unit Associate in Nursing ED medical product, that is created by pharma of Republic of India, that is named Cipla and Suhagra contains as active ingredient is virility drug change state. additionally, virility drug change state substance is that the basic part of virility drug healthful agent. This active ingredient may be a PDE5 forceful substance, that causes erectile organ sanguineums to relax and this will increase the flow of your blood to your private parts.

Suhagra medication helps men restore Associate in Nursing impaired erection and still improve sexual perform. you have got in all probability recognize that like different generic virility drug medical merchandise, Suhagra supplier, supply this drug as an activin solely subject to the provision of sexual stimulation, сonsequently this medication works only if it’s you wish. Suhagra Supplier 100mg is characterised by high effectivity and to boot high safety for you.

Suhagra 100mg contains precisely the same ingredients on virility drug drug. Therefore, Suhagra medication is that the absolute analogue of Viagratablets as in respect of medicine effects, and therefore the effectiveness and safety. obtain suhagra from suhagra wholesaler or suhagra exporter !Suhagra is approved for the treatment of importance and additionally ED in patients on top of eighteen years. Determined that the ED may be a condition once patient cannot bring home the bacon, {at all|in the least|the least bit|in the slightest degree|in Associate in Nursingy respect} want and additionally maintain an erection ample for sexuality. you’ll be able to obtain suhagra a hundred for ED treatment.Order it from Suhagra supplier, Suhagra Wholesaler or only from Suhagra exporter.

Suhagra comes within the sort of tablets that area unit used orally half-hour before doable sexuality.Suhagra should not be taken at the same time with fatty food  or alcoholic drinks, becouse thay will decrease its effectivity. top daily dose o is a hundred mg.

Suhagra medication is contraindicated to be used if:

•You have got hypersensitivity reactions the elements of this medicine;

•You’re kid or adolescent below eighteen years old;

•You have got sicknesses of heart or sanguineums like history of heart attacks still as strokes, coronary heart illness, stenocardia, high vital sign or air mass of blood;

•You have got anatomical deformation of the phallus, e.g. cavernosal pathology, angulation or Peyronie’s disease;

•You have got urinary organ and liver diseases;

•You utilize nitrates , alpha blockers and different medical products;

•You have got eye illness that referred to as redness Pigmentosa Blood diseases, e.g. leukemia, multiply malignant neoplasm and additionally red blood cell anemia.

Suhagra 100mg shouldn’t be used among gestation still as breastfeeding.

Possible facet effects of  Suhagra  embrace: UTI infection, skin rash, dizziness,  dyspepsia, nasal congestion,  diarrhea, vision downside, shot flashes, headache.

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