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Testosterone Undecanoate
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Briyosis Softcaps Private Limited
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Softgel Capsules
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Softgel Capsules
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Testosterone Undecanoate soft gel use to increase male sex hormone

Testosterone undecanoate is a long-acting man-made variant of testosterone, the normal male sexual hormone. Testosterone is in charge of the typical development and advancement of male sex organs and qualities. It incorporates development and improvement of male organs of penis, gonads, prostate, body hair, vocal string thickening, and muscle and fat circulation. The FDA endorsed testosterone undecanoate in Walk 2014.The dynamic substance is testosterone undecanoate, an unsaturated fat ester of the regular androgen testosterone. Testosterone undecanoate can sidestep the liver by means of the lymphatic framework and is accordingly orally dynamic. Testosterone undecanoate Supplier and Exporter ensures the delivery of the correct place. Testosterone undecanoate Supplier has a goal to supply medicine safely & securely to the customer.


Testosterone substitution treatment in male hypogonadal issue, for instance:

  1. After mutilation
  2. Eunuchoidism
  3. Hypopituitarism

In addition, testosterone treatment might be demonstrated in osteoporosis due to hypogonadal male androgen inadequacy.

Moderately aged and elderly guys with angina pectoris or other extreme circulatory infection ought to get androgen treatment just under exceptionally watchful supervision.


By and large, dose should be balanced by the individual reaction of the individual patient.

For the most part, an underlying measurement of 120-160 mg every day for 2 to 3 weeks is satisfactory, trailed by a support dose of 40 120 mg day by day.

Testosterone undecanoate cases should be taken after dinners, with somewhat liquid if important, and gulped without biting. It is best that half of the everyday dosage be taken in the morning and the other half at night. In the event that an uneven number of containers is to be taken, the bigger measurements should be taken in the morning.

In prepubertal young men androgen treatment is risky as intelligent sexual improvement, and expanded recurrence of erections, phallic development and untimely epiphyseal conclusion may happen.

If that androgen related unfriendly responses happen, treatment should be interfered, and after vanishing of the side effects, be continued at a lower dose. Patients with dormant or obvious cardiovascular disappointment, renal brokenness, hypertension, epilepsy or headache (or a past filled with these conditions) should be observed, since androgens may incite salt and liquid maintenance. In customers known as Testosterone undecanoate Exporter and Supplier export to US, UK, Canada, and Singapore & Europe countries. We face competition from foreign suppliers.

A diminishing in protein bound iodine (PBI) may happen, however this has no clinical essentialness.

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