Vega 100mg

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Vega 100mg
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4 Pill pack
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100 Mg

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Viagra is employed to treat impotence in men. Viagra will increase the body’s ability to attain Associate in Nursingd maintain an erection throughout sexual stimulation. Viagra doesn’t defend you from obtaining sexually transmitted diseases, together with HIV.

How Taken:

Viagra comes as a pill to require orally. It ought to be taken pro re nata regarding one hour before sexual issues. However, Viagra are often taken anytime from four hours to half-hour before sexual issues. Viagra mustn’t be taken quite once daily. don’t take a lot of or less of it or take it a lot of usually than prescribed by your doctor.

Missed Dose:

Viagra is employed pro re nata, therefore you’re unlikely to miss a dose.


Keep Viagra out of the reach of kids. Keep Viagra in its original instrumentality. Store at 25°C (77°F); excursions allowable to 15–30°C (59–86°F).

More Information:

If you’re taking any medicines that contain nitrates – either often or pro re nata – you ought to ne’er take Viagra. If you’re taking Viagra with any nitrate drugs or narcotic containing nitrates, your pressure level might suddenly drop to Associate in Nursing unsafe level. you’ll get dizzy, faint, or maybe have a coronary failure or stroke. Nitrates square measure found in several prescription medicines that square measure wont to treat angina. Viagra is merely for patients with dysfunction. Viagra isn’t for newborns, children, or women. don’t let anyone else take your Viagra. Viagra should be used solely below a doctor’s supervising.


Before taking Viagra, tell your doctor if you’ve got had a coronary failure, stroke, or life–threatening irregular heartbeats at intervals the last six months; have a history of heart failure; have artery disease; have angina; have high or low blood pressure; have liver issues; have urinary organ problems; have ever had blood problems, together with erythrocyte anemia or leukemia; have a hurt disorder; have a abdomen ulcer; have rubor pigmentosa (an transmitted condition of the eye; have a physical deformity of the member like Peyronie’s disease; have a condition that might result in prolonged and painful erections, like a tumour of the bone marrow, erythrocyte anemia, or leukemia; or square measure taking another drugs to treat impotence. you will not be able to take Viagra, otherwise you could need a indefinite quantity adjustment or special observance throughout treatment if you’ve got any of the conditions listed higher than. though Viagra isn’t indicated to be used by ladies, it’s within the office maternity class B. this implies that Viagra isn’t expected to be harmful to Associate in Nursing unhatched baby. Viagra mustn’t be taken by ladies. it’s not illustrious whether or not Viagra passes into breast milk. Viagra mustn’t be taken by ladies. If you’re over sixty five years more matured, you will be a lot of probably to expertise aspect effects from Viagra. Your doctor could inflict a lower dose of this medication.

Possible Side Effects :

Like all medicines, Viagra will cause some aspect effects. These effects square measure sometimes delicate to moderate and typically do not last longer than some hours. a number of these aspect effects square measure a lot of probably to occur with higher doses. the foremost common aspect effects of Viagra square measure headache, flushing of the face, and stomach upset. Less common aspect effects that will occur square measure temporary changes in vision (such as bother telling the distinction between blue and inexperienced objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being a lot of sensitive to lightweight, or blurred vision. In rare instances, men have rumored Associate in Nursing erection that lasts several hours. you ought to decision a doctor forthwith if you ever have Associate in Nursing erection that lasts quite four hours. If not treated quickly, permanent injury to your member might occur. coronary failure, stroke, irregular heart beats, and death are rumored seldom in men taking Viagra. Most, however not all, of those men had heart issues before taking this drugs. it’s impossible to work out whether or not these events were directly associated with Viagra.

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