Vegah Cream

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International Name :
Vegah Cream
Active Ingredient :
Sildenafil +Lidociaine Cream
Manufacturer :
Form :
Packing :
1 Tube pack
Strength :
15 gm

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If you’re craving for a simple answer to treat impotence, then you must think about employing Vega H Cream. This medication is Associate in Nursing innovation over the various kinds of medication accessible within the marketplace for treating impotence in men.

Do you simply not hate it, after you got to keep in mind to swallow pills, before you perform any sexual activity? area unit you craving for a simple answer to assist you get on my feet higher, and treat the matter of erectile dysfunction? Then you must contemplate the Vega H Cream, that should be rubbed on to the skin. the particular name for Vega H Cream is virility drug Cirate/ Lignocaine. The generic name is employed to create it easier for the client to appreciate what they’re shopping for. This cream uses identical ingredients as any traditional sildenafil pill, which incorporates virility drug change state, however victimisation the effective ingredient of Lignocaine, you’ll make sure that your sex life gets higher.

The Vega H Cream is employed for the treatment of impotence in men. Victimisation the PDE5 substance, the blood vessels area unit relaxed, that releases blood flow into the erectile organ and helps in maintaining the erection. The active ingredient, mentioned higher than, called virility drug is that the prime reason for prolonged erection and ejaculation. However, this cream doesn’t shield against STD’s.

Now, you’ll say sensible bye to the manduction pills. With Vega H Cream, you’ll reach identical results. you have got to rub the cream in an exceedingly touch on the pinnacle and therefore the shaft of the erectile organ. This method ought to be done one hour before sexual issues. However, you must not take this medication, with the other variety of medication, accustomed treat disfunction. This cream is just suggested for men, and not for girls. keep from youngsters. you furthermore mght don’t got to worry concerning dangerous odor, as a result of the cream features a sweet smell and is soluble.


Keep the cream within the instrumentation. Store at 25° C (77 ° F).

Drug Interactions:

If you’re taking any medication, that has nitrates in it, then you must avoid victimisation this medication beside it. this can lead your pressure to change posture at alarmingly low levels, that might be venturesome to your health. In extreme circumstances, you will get a heart stroke or a attack. In fact, if you have got high pressure issues, have had attack within the past, or have angina, then you must avoid victimisation this medication.

You should solely use this medication at the instruction of your doctor. don’t let anyone else use your cream.

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