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- EAR LIFT ear lobe protector
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EAR LIFT ear lobe protection covers

Ear Lifts Support Tape for Ears

Ear Lifts invisible ear tape support. Earlifts works with virtually all types of pierced earrings…studs, hoops, dangles and hooks.

EarLifts are invisible ear lobe support tape solution

Ear Lifts are remarkable earring supports to help you if your having trouble with stretching, tearing, pulling or saggy earlobes. These amazing supports stay hidden and will instantly fix problems with sagging earlobes, and they work with virtually all types of earings, from hoops to studs. Just peel and press in place for extra support and comfort.

Ear Lifts are a transparent, medical grade, hypoallergenic patch that adheres instantly to secure your earrings. This reduces the pull on your earlobe and takes the weight off the earing hole.

All of us love wearing earrings. But do you know they are harming our earlobes. The earlobe skin is very soft & sensitive.

Therefore, due to the weight of the earr

ring the earlobes stretches & with time this stretch converts into a nasty cut which forces you to stop wearing earrings.

EarLift™ U.S.A helps protect healthy ear lobes from tearing and allows women to wear earrings in comfort for longer periods of time-no time-off earring breaks in the middle of the day.

EarLift™ also assists in alleviating skin sensitivity to earring backings and assists in keeping earrings flat and snug against the front of the ear lobe.

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